Cake order

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When is the longest time I need to place an order?

We need at least 5 days to make a customized cake. We deliver fresh cakes for free sale every morning, you can currently check their availability in stores or the phone number +420777266933

How can i order a cake?

There are really many ordering options:

I will arrive in person at any store and write an order with the staff who will advise me (I have no experience with SiCAKE).
We recommend such a variant – you are often inspired by ready-made cakes at our establishment, according to which we will just prepare yours. At the same time, you can taste your filling by purchasing a dessert of selected flavor.

I order online (I have experience with SiCAKE).
We recommend it to customers who know what they want or have experience with our cakes. By filling out a simple form, we will find out the idea of your request and we will respond within 24 hours. We also send the price of the cake with the order confirmation. In the description, enter the name of the cake from our gallery, or upload an image to print on your cake or an image serving as a template for production. You will write all the modifications and wishes to us in the description.

How to choose the right cake?

I know what I want

Most of our orders are made by customers who have already come up with a photo or picture of what their cake should look like. We will take pictures of everything and help with ideas.

I have no idea

Of course, we understand that you don’t go for a custom cake every day, so our staff will always be happy to advise you.

I want to choose a cake from the SiCAKE gallery

Do you like the cake displayed for free sale on the stand of our establishment or in the gallery on our website? We will make you the same, just choose the flavor and other adjustments you wish. If you do not choose from our gallery, we will make the cake according to your requirements.